Signs That Someone Is Using Steroids

Steroid use among guys is quite common. In fact, this is quite provable, particularly when it comes to bodybuilders and certain athletes. While not all sportsmen and sportswomen are juicing, there’s a reason why the stereotype of the roided bodybuilder exists. Signs that someone is using steroids are myriad if you know what you’re looking for. Sure, a guy at the gym benching 500 pounds isn’t necessarily taking steroids, but you have to wonder if there’s a good possibility that he is, has, or had.

You can use steroids at some point then stop once you’ve got the body you want, after all. With that said, steroid usage isn’t limited to massive brutes who look like The Incredible Hulk without the green skin and ripped clothes. Even regular guys trying to get lean and big ASAP can also use steroids. Non-athletes who wish to lose weight with muscle gain quickly can also try steroids out. In our previous article, we shed light on some basic information on steroids. Today, we will discuss some common symptoms to pinch a steroid user.


How to spot a steroid user


How to Spot a Guy On Steroids

  • Not a Knock on Steroids: Before anything else, this article isn’t a whistle blower type of editorial or anything damning everyone who uses steroids. We are not here to judge the people who take them, since those who do usually, make sure that they maximize their steroid investment instead of using steroids to get the easy way out when it comes to building their muscles. They’re also focused on their diets so that their body fat doesn’t sabotage their effort on the gym even with the assistance of multiple steroid cycles.


  • Big Gut or Bloated Stomach: Steroid gut, also known as HGH gut, is a bloated stomach attributed to steroid abuse, particularly HGH or human growth hormone. HGH is technically not a steroid but it’s related to steroids. At any rate, it can be quite trippy to see a shredded bodybuilder with veins popping everywhere yet his muscle-bound gut has swollen so much, you’d swear he got himself pregnant. This is different from someone who’s fat and bulky but has muscle underneath and is characterized by having an otherwise sculpted and toned body.


Bloated Gut Of Bodybuilders due to steroids


  • Excessive Acne: If you have excessive teenager-level body acne as you work out to get a sculpted body even though you’re over 40 years old and you’re already paying your second mortgage and alimony from your previous marriage then it might be because of steroids. Steroid abusers tend to suffer from serious body acne that looks like the stings from a beehive full of bees. Like with teens, it’s the testosterone boost and hormonal changes that can lead to the acne formation due to changes in the function of the sebaceous glands.


Back Acne due to steroids


  • Gynecomastia: Male boobs, also known as moobs or bitch tits, are a common occurrence in steroid users when they’re off-cycle from steroids. This also tends to happen to former heavy steroid users who’ve let up or quit using. Steroids can cause enlargement of the breast tissue, which in turn makes nipples point down and chest droop. It’s not a pretty sight and usually requires surgery to fix. This is specifically caused by the change of testosterone to estrogen ratio in the male body. Exogenous testosterone in particular is converted to estrogen through the Aromatization Process.



  • Stretch Marks: Stretch marks don’t only occur with obese people and pregnant women. They’re also present among bodybuilders who rely heavily on steroids. The primary effect of steroids is to get your body to become more and more muscular after every usage. Steroids plus hard work equals getting huge gains in terms of muscles in a short period of time. However, the elasticity of the skin might not be able to keep up. Just as how fat stretches the skin so too can muscle. Perhaps getting big too fast and too soon isn’t the answer.


Stretch Marks


  • Massive Muscle Mass Increase: When you work out constantly at the gym you will get big. However, steroids can serve as a huge leg up, such that one of its symptoms is getting immediate gains in a brief time period. Fast muscle gains can either be because of genetics and hard work or steroids and hard work. Or even just steroids because you can get ripped by simply taking steroids and little exercise, but that also comes with its own set of side effects so it’s better to work hard with steroid assistance than to depend on steroids alone.


Muscle Mass Growth


  • Disproportionate Musculature: A weight lifter tends to have the right proportions. A steroid user who doesn’t do proper work or skips leg day will tend to have an unbalanced look based on the muscle groups he actually bothered to work at. Some muscles might be more pronounced than others, but ending up with cartoonish irregularities and size discrepancies on musculature can be an immediate red flag of a steroid user who isn’t training his body right.


Improportionate muscles


Why People Don’t Want to Admit to Steroid Usage

It cannot be denied that steroids radically accelerate the development of muscles, such that you can get musculature and sculptured physiques that aren’t normally attainable without the assistance of the performance-enhancing drug (PED) or substance. Some steroids are so effective that the smallest bit of effort and movement can result to increased muscle development, like lifting a cup over and over until you get better muscle definition on your biceps and triceps.


With that said, no one readily admits that they’re taking steroids, leading to loads of speculation for people who suddenly blow up in size and strength in just a few years. This is partly because steroids are banned in sports competition, with them being viewed as an unfair advantage to those who aren’t using the drugs. This is why you have your Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong types who do take steroids but never admit that they do until they’re caught. There’s a stigma associated with steroid use.