Hi everyone, Harry D. McGillicutty here. I’m a Canadian pro bodybuilder, athlete, and power lifter. My team composed of a fellow bodybuilder, MMA fighter, and crossfit athlete respectively from all across the world—Randy Mizanin, Bryan “The Fury” Brooks, and Julius Hickenbottom—are here to discuss the results we’ve obtained after trying out the different products and stacks from Crazy Bulk. Incidentally, Crazy Bulk is one of the top legal steroids providers available on the Internet that uses supplements that have fewer side effects than prescription anabolic steroids needing needles for application.

Four different individuals in our team, which includes me, tried the products below separately. Unlike other crazy bulk reviews, we’ll do more than just do bland reviews on what we deem as some of the best legal steroids out there. We’re instead going to relate our personal experiences and stories in using these products from our point of view.

At any rate, here’s our crazy bulk results in regards to a selection of their most popular branded offerings.

D-Bal Results 

D-Bal is a Dianabol alternative responsible for increasing strength levels and giving individuals the fastest muscle gains possible. It also uses 100% natural ingredients such as Whey Protein Concentrate, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Leucine, and DHEA. 

  • Harry (Power Lifter): I’m a fan of D-Bal. As a power lifter who has to do the squat, bench press, and deadlift, I need something that won’t only make me look good shredded or big. I want something that offers me Herculean strength or the power of Superman.

Never mind the Calvin Klein body if I’m not able to lift even 59 kilograms or more! D-Bal didn’t let me down when I tried it out. As someone who has used Dianabol as well, I must say that D-Bal gives its alternative prescription equivalent a run for its money.

  • Randy (Bodybuilder): With D-Bal, I’ve grown so much that the loosest shirts I can find have become tighter, especially around the pectoral and bicep area. With the increase in mass comes an increase in leverage and strength, putting me in top physical condition!

I disagree with Harry. The D-Bal power increase isn’t reserved for just power lifters like him. We bodybuilders also want that extra strength in our efforts to get shredded because it allows us to lift more and work out better. The extra stamina is just what I need to get those extra reps.


  • Bryan (MMA Fighter): Power is an important aspect of the fight game, whether it’s punching power or power to take down an opponent for an arm bar or a kimura. I’m a big fan of professional wrestler turned MMA fighter and back again, Brock Lesnar.

I’m not as physically gifted as Brock, but thanks to D-Bal and whatever bulking/strength stack it’s a part of, I’m getting there. I can earn my way towards becoming a mountain of muscle while at the same time keeping my reflexes sharp and stamina high as well.


  • Julius (Crossfit Athlete): As an athlete of multiple disciplines in order to give my body a more holistic approach to wellness, I have to say that D-Bal left me quite impressed, probably even more so than my comrades. It’s probably because I more than anyone in our team can appreciate how multifaceted this is.

The legal steroid substitute supplement doesn’t falter like other supplements I’ve taken. It’s not a weak sauce version of Dianabol. Instead, I’d say it’s a safer Dianabol alternate to use and it even has a testosterone boost benefit to boot in light of its many natural ingredients that I approve of as a vegan and as a crossfit athlete.

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Winsol Results

Winsol is essentially an off-brand, supplement version of Stanozolol or Winstrol. It’s a supplement capable of helping people cut and shred while retaining lean, quality muscles during cutting cycles.

  • Harry (Power Lifter): This is a personal favorite of mine. Why? It’s used by both bodybuilders and athletes, and I happen to be both. While I was on my cutting cycle, this is the Winstrol alternative recommended to me.

While a prescription steroid like Winstrol offers more in terms of shredding action, I figured (probably erroneously) that I should go the supplement route because as a power lifter who wants to maintain a bear-like physique, I don’t want to go all in when it comes to cutting and shredding. The results surprised and pleased me the same.

  • Randy (Bodybuilder): I’m more of a bodybuilder who enters bodybuilding competitions rather than someone who competitively power lifts. Therefore, unlike Harry, I’m more of an authority when it comes to the effectiveness of lean-muscle, cutting-stack supplements like this off-brand Winstrol product.

All-in-all, I’ve seen better products but you can certainly do worse than Winsol. It’s effective enough as a Winstrol substitute and I don’t feel as weak when on my cutting cycle with Winsol compared to other lesser products. It’s a decent product I can depend on when giving me workout endurance.

  • Bryan (MMA Fighter): I keep in shape not to impress judges or win power lifting contests. Rather, I wish to turn my body into a weapon, with fine-tuned twitch reflexes and the ability to keep up with my game plan even when faced with fatigue or damage from my opponent.

Therefore, I’m rather impressed with what Winsol has to offer not in terms of lean muscle retention when on a cutting cycle. I couldn’t care less about sculpting my body for show. What I do like about this supplement is its increase in my power and especially my stamina.

  • Julius (Crossfit Athlete): The makers of Winsol claim this is a high-demand supplement for track-and-field athletes. Since I incorporate track-and-field in my routine to holistically keep my body in peak condition, I was curious how well Winsol can improve my performance.

I must say, even though it’s a legal steroid supplement, it was so effective in my long-haul workout marathons that it belongs in a list of banned performance enhancing drugs that shouldn’t be used in professional competition. It also increased my vascularity and helped with my water retention issues.

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Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack Results

The Crazy Bulk cutting stack is the stack of top legal steroids you should get your hands on if you want a lean, ripped physique you see in magazine centerfolds and on the beach. It’s composed of a collection of the best legal steroids for cutting such as the aforementioned Winsol, Anvarol, Clenbutrol, and Testo-Max.


  • Harry (Power Lifter): Look at that all-star lineup of legal steroid supplements. The cutting stack of Crazy Bulk doesn’t only have two of the featured products on this article (Winsol and Testo-Max). It also has Anvarol, which provides muscles more energy for contraction, and Clenbutrol, which is known for its performance-enhancing and thermogenic properties.

I’ve tried out the cutting stack recommendation of Crazy Bulk, and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed with the results. Even someone like me who favors a swollen, bear-like body and is concerned about losing muscle mass during the cutting cycle has to applaud the safe and natural supplementation results of the Crazy Bulk cutting stack. With it, I can even give Randy a run for his money!


  • Randy (Bodybuilder): Actually, I’ve availed of roughly the same cutting stack collection, minus one or two products (like I might have used a different testosterone supplement or even an outright synthetic testosterone drug instead of Testo-Max). I actually dislike having a swollen look like a power lifter.

I do the cutting cycle in order to get a beach-ready type of body with loads of lean muscle mass. I’m always concerned when shredding and shedding my weight that I might end up losing all the gains I worked hard to get, so I’m careful with my cutting stack choices.  I have to say that the Crazy-Bulks.com selection for its cutting stack doesn’t stray far from mine.


  • Bryan (MMA Fighter): MMA athletes have to be jacks-of-all-trades. Since we’re multidimensional warriors who have to work on our extensive skills in stand-up (mostly boxing), takedowns and submission (mostly jiu-jitsu), ground-and-pound (mostly wrestling), and leg game (mostly Muay Thai), we need similarly well-rounded cutting stacks like those found in Crazy Bulks.

I have tried other cutting stack types, and I admit that the Crazy Bulk version of it isn’t half-bad. I can certainly see myself using this type of stack when training for a fight at a lower weight class than mine. It’s a safe way to cut down weight while avoiding losing all the muscle I’ve gained for sure.


  • Julius (Crossfit Athlete): I hate to sound like an echo or preaching to the choir, but for the most part I agree with all my bros in regards to the Crazy Bulk cutting stack. If an MMA fighter considers himself a multi-discipline athlete, then a crossfit practitioner is a hundredfold that and more.

Therefore, from the perspective of an athlete who understands the many different dimensions of athletic bodybuilding, I must confess that the Winsol, Anvarol, Clenbutrol, and Testo-Max combination is perfect for my needs, whether I’m preparing for competition or indulging in my vanity. The stack is particularly useful when I do exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time.

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Testo-Max Results

Specifically a Sustanon alternative, Testo-Max naturally helps your body raise its own testosterone levels so that you won’t have to inject synthetic testosterone into yourself to essentially get the same effect (which is huge muscle gains and super strength plus stamina).


  • Harry (Power Lifter): Testosterone is a mainstay of bodybuilding because that hormone is literally the essence of manliness. With that said, I’ve witnessed firsthand the horror stories regarding HGH gut from synthetic HGH therapy as well as acne, gynecomastia, and fluid retention from synthetic testosterone therapy.

From my experience, as much as possible, minimize your doses of synthetic anything, including steroids. That’s why I’m such a huge supporter of supplements like Testo-Max. From my experience, unlike with injecting unnatural testosterone, the supplement helps your body produce its own, minimizing its side effects since your body self-regulates.


  • Randy (Bodybuilder): For me, it took about five days to a week for Testo-Max to prove itself to me compared to all the other testosterone supplements I’ve tried out in the past. The difference was significant, probably because I’m approaching the age where my natural testosterone has started to go down.

Regardless, the resulting increases in stamina and strength allowed me to go harder and longer at the gym. Once I’ve recovered, I’ve gotten so much definition on my body. I don’t get tired as easily as before, allowing me to boost my training frequency (which was already quite the high bar, if I do say so myself).


  • Bryan (MMA Fighter): During active training and competition, raising testosterone levels through certain supplements is banned and considered cheating or using a performance-enhancing drug to gain an unfair advantage over the competition. However, when I don’t have a fight and wish to keep in shape, something like Testo-Max is fair game.

Testo-Max allows me to undergo bulking and cutting cycles in an efficient fashion, even though I’m not focused in lifting and body-sculpting like my peers Harry and Randy. I particularly like how fast I’m able to recover while working out, allowing me to become a workhorse during sparring, working the mitts, and the punching bag.


  • Julius (Crossfit Athlete): Actually, boosting my testosterone is far below my list of priorities as a crossfit athlete. Then again, unlike Randy, I’m still young and I don’t particularly need to have high testosterone levels. Its current level is already at a healthy number. Then again, Testo-Max was also part of the aforementioned cutting stack.

From my experience, Testo-Max worked well enough as part of a cutting stack package. However, as a standalone product, I don’t particularly need it save perhaps to help maintain my already healthy levels of testosterone. It keeps my recovery time short and helps me train in more multiple athletic disciplines, at least.

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In just a couple of weeks, we’ve been getting crazy results. To be more specific, in just a week, I personally felt my power improve, letting me lift many pounds more than I previously could. My stamina has also improved thanks to these legal alternatives to many of the most popular prescription steroids and performance-enhancing drugs in the market today.


All four of us—Randy, Julius, Bryan, and myself—agree that Crazy Bulk has many of the supplements we’ve either used before or supplement alternatives that work just as well but even more safely than the steroids we have available. The site and its offerings have impressed us across the board. Sure, their products are expensive, however you can use Crazy Bulk coupons to save money. All-in-all they’re a legit legal steroid provider with must-have bodybuilding products.