Hello, I’m Harry D. McGillicutty, a professional athlete, bodybuilder, and power lifter hailing from Canada. My team and I have read a lot about crazy bulk products that I myself have experimented on. Among the products I’ve tried out, the best ones ended up from the Crazy Bulk. The thing about top legal steroids from Crazy Bulks is that they’re effective and they actually work. The others I’ve used left much to be desired in terms of getting a ripped or bulked up body.

Pros and Cons

Here’s the nitty-gritty when it comes to the products of Crazy Bulks. Grab a Crazy Bulk Coupon or two to save money on their products. However, even without the discount, every product is worth every last cent. To wit, here are the pros and cons of the Crazy Bulk product line as noted by every last Crazy bulk review out there:


  • Provable effectiveness
  • High quality ingredients
  • No side effects or mostly benign ones
  • Free shipping worldwide wherever available
  • Buy 2 get 1 free discount on every stack and product


  • Most products require you to take 3 pills a day.
  • Premium priced

Long story short, we’re crazy about Crazy Bulk products mostly because the drawbacks aren’t that huge and the benefits outweigh them hugely. With that said, it is fair to call them the best legal steroids on the market? Let’s take a closer look. 

A Claim for Legitimacy

You can get all sorts of looks from Crazy Bulk, from the sculpted Greek statue to the Incredible Hulk. Just take the product, review their results, and match them with the right lifting exercise for the best possible results. You can have veins or a V-shaped body as well as work your way from the three types of body shape.

The site has received countless mostly positive testimonials and reviews from customers who’ve used their products, but their featured reviews should be taken with a grain of salt since many sites make up fake anonymous reviews since they couldn’t be called out on it.

At any rate, we’ve read other third-party crazy bulk reviews, compared real customer reviews, and examined the supplements they sell for ourselves using our previous experience with previous brands. Here are the results of our study.

The Three Types of Body Shape

To review, here are the three types of body shape:

  1. Ectomorph: The lean and long body type that has the most difficulty when it comes to muscle-building. You’ll need to work hard and take the right steroids in order to shift from being an ectomorph to a well-built mesomorph.


  1. Endomorph: The big, high-body fat body type that’s often pear-shaped. Its high-tendency to store body fat means to build muscle there should be a push to lose all that fat. You typically need cutting stacks in order to reveal the lean muscle underneath the fat.


  1. Mesomorph: The well-built and muscular body type characterized by its responsive muscle cells and high metabolism. Even when you’re already a mesomorph you can keep on bulking or cutting in order to get the right shape you want.

For every body type, there should be a different method towards achieving a mesomorph or well-built body full of muscles. These options of bulking for gains or cutting to reveal the muscles underneath are most available with the offerings of Crazy Bulks.


Crazy Bulk Stacks to Get Really Jacked

The site is named Crazy Bulk for a reason. It offers different top legal steroids for sale. They all contain a different combination of legal steroids for different goals. You can either get ripped or get bulked with the many different Crazy Bulks products.

  • Bulking Stack: This is the stack you use in order to gain muscle mass without any fat. It’s all about the gains towards being bulked up.

 Each Stack Contains:

Crazy bulk's Bulking stack

  • 1 X D-Bal
  • 1 X Testo-Max
  • 1 X DecaDuro
  • 1 X Trenorol
  • 1 X FREE Bulking Guide
  • Cutting Stack: This is the stack of choice for shredding or cutting the fat while retaining your lean muscle mass. This will make you shredded as hell! Crazy bulk cutting stack reviews can be found in other articles of our site as well. We have personally tested this stack and results were mind boggling!

Each Stack Contains:

Crazy bulk's cutting stack

  • 1 x Clenbutrol
  • 1 x Anvarol
  • 1 x Winsol
  • 1 x Testo-Max
  • + FREE Cutting Guide


  • Growth Stack: This is what you need to increase your levels of HGH and testosterone through supplementation.

Each Stack Contains:

Crazy bulk's growth stack

  • 1 x Clenbutrol
  • 1 x D-Bal
  • 1 x DecaDuro
  • 1 x Testo-Max
  • 1 x HGH-X2
  • Strength Stack: In order to not merely have muscles for show, you should also undergo strength training with this strength stack designed to boost strength and improve performance.

Each Stack Contains:

Crazy bulk's strength stack

  • 1 x D-Bal
  • 1 x Testo-Max
  • 1 x Anvarol
  • 1 x Trenorol
  • 1 x FREE Strength Guide
  • Ultimate Stack: If you wish to build muscle, increase your strength, and lose fat at the same time, then this is the stack you should avail of.

Each Stack Contains:

Crazy Bulk's ultimate stack

  • 1 x D-Bal
  • 1 x Testo-Max
  • 1 x DecaDuro
  • 1 x Trenerol
  • 1 x Clenbutrol
  • 1 x Anadrole


 Reviews of Crazy Bulk Products

With that said, here are my reviews and research in regards to the products available in Crazy Bulk.

  • D-Bal: I’ve tried D-Bal out, and I must say that this Dianabol alternative is something I’ve been leaning on when I want to have increased strength levels and faster muscle gains. What’s more, after doing further research, I’ve found that this supplement makes use of 100% natural ingredients. Natural is good because the side effects are less.

These ingredients aren’t folk remedies either. They’re proven by science to work, such as Whey Protein Concentrate, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Leucine, and DHEA. Another thing I love about D-Bal is that it boosts my testosterone levels so that my muscle gain becomes complete with a strength boost. As usual, in terms of drawbacks, it’s expensive and you have to take it three times a day. You can click the link to know more on crazy bulk D-Bal review.


  • Trenorol: In regards to Trenorol, it’s a legal Trenborol alternative known for its ability to maximize your potential for fat loss, muscle growth, and strength. Unlike D-Bal and its focus on giving you muscle gains, Trenorol is better rounded with its results. It helps you build your muscle while at the same time burning your fat, thus giving you a shredded look when all is said and done.

This product is essentially the supplement version of the Trenborol steroid that makes use of natural ingredients in order to produce essentially the same results. It’s specifically a must-have agent for gaining muscle mass, shredding your fat, and even enhancing your vascularity by getting rid of all the unnecessary water weight.


  • Decaduro: Decaduro is a highly rated legal Deca Durabolin alternative product that’s exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to giving me strength gains and fast muscle. In that regard, it’s pretty much just like D-Bal. However, when I first started using it along with other stacks, I found it had other capabilities.

It specifically gives me faster recovery and more endurance on top of the strength boost and muscle-building. It also helps as it’s a natural supplement so there are fewer health risks and side effects to worry about. It specifically works to maximize the results of your workout regime by containing ingredients that increase protein creation, nitrogen retention, and blood flow in your body.

  • Clenbutrol: This is a supplement that replicates of celebrity weight loss favorite Clenbuterol, which is known for its performance-enhancing and thermogenic properties. This agent raises your internal body temperature as you work out in order to efficiently burn fat. It also increases oxygen transportation and improves your cardiovascular performance when push comes to shove, thus allowing you to sculpt and shape your body to be lean, mean, and absolutely ripped.

From what I’ve seen, it’s a safe and legal Clenbuteral alternative that works well when it comes to giving you enhanced endurance and stamina, improved performance, a ripped physique, the ability to preserve lean muscle mass as you cut down on fat, increased muscle to fat ratio, and powerful fat-burning action all in a safe and legal Clenbuterol alternative. It also gives you rapid results within just 30 days, much more so in 8 weeks.


  • Testo-Max: This is the legal Sustanon alternative. It’s what you should have when you want to get maximum strength and stamina, fast recovery when you’re working out, and when you’re undergoing cutting and bulking cycles (it can be used in both types of cycle). How it’s used depends on which supplement or steroid you pair it up with.

As the Godfather of Bodybuilding Supplements, testosterone has become a mainstay of bodybuilding, body-sculpting, and weight loss. Testo-Max is what you should depend on to naturally pump up your testosterone levels. This allows you to get huge muscle gains and have super strength and stamina to boot without the need for needles. It even has benefits in the area of sex drive and performance. Read Crazy Bulk Testo Max reviews from our team of professions by clicking the link.


  • HGH-X2: This HGH or Human Growth Hormone alternative works best for those who want to gain lean mass, size, and better recovery. In essence, I can attest that it’s a must-have for any growth and bulking stats. I’ve used HGH-X2 Somatropin in several types of stacks, and I found it consistently triggers my pituitary gland into getting me a fresh supply of HGH into my bloodstream every time.

This is also much safer to use than injecting synthetic HGH into your body. From my personal experience, there are fewer risks for HGH gut or bodybuilder gut with an HGH releaser or booster compared to forcing “fake” HGH that has a higher risk of abuse. HGH levels are more regulated by your body, resulting in fast recovery, increased muscle-to-fat ratio, powerful fat burning, quality lean muscle, and no needles or prescriptions.


  • Anadrole: This Anadrol alternative recreates the effects of Anadrol or Oxymethalone, which is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids currently available. How can a “mere’ supplement do this while still maintaining its low side effect and all-natural results? It does it by having ingredients that can specifically increase your red blood cell production.

This allows your body to get more oxygen in your muscles, thus giving you immense muscle gains because it takes you longer to grow tired. Fatigue is staved off as long as you’re on Anadrole. I personally depend on this supplement to recover faster when working out, get massive pumps and huge gains in terms of muscle mass, super stamina and strength, and dependable results with few to no side effects.


  • Anvarol: ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the substance that gives your muscles the energy required for their contraction. Anvarol works by supplying your muscles with ample ATP. This product is the anabolic steroid alternative to Anavar. It’s known to stimulate phosphocreatine synthesis within the tissues of your muscle, making it ideal for cutting cycles that should shred your fat to nonexistence and retain your lean muscle underneath.

Your muscles only have enough ATP for a few seconds of movement, so it’s essential to take the Anvarol supplement in order to rapidly replenish your ATP supply for your needed bursts of energy while working out. This is the product to depend on when you’re looking for explosive strength and power. This is the anabolic steroid product you should get in order to acquire a lean and sculpted body look. What’s more, it’s suitable for both sexes.


  • Winsol: This legal Winstrol or Stanozolol alternative is a personal favorite of mine because it’s widely used by both athletes and bodybuilders (of which I am both). It provides me with loads of benefits I can vouch for, such that sculpting the perfect beach body is possible with its ability to retain lean, quality muscles whenever I end up at my cutting cycles. It’s also suitable for both sexes just like Anvarol.

It’s a particularly high-demand supplement for track-and-field athletes, giving you superhuman endurance, iron-hard lean muscle, and Herculean strength whether you’re working out in sprint-like bursts or on the long-haul for workout marathons. Our team has also breifly written crazy bulk Winsol review for all those who want to know even more. I also love how Winsol, like its Winstrol counterpart, keeps stubborn water retention from happening while at the same time increasing your vascularity.

Are Crazy Bulk Selling Anabolic Steroids?

This is essentially the disclaimer part of the article. Crazy Bulk or Crazy-Bulks.com is not a site that sells anabolic steroids. Rather, it’s a purveyor of legal steroid alternatives in supplement form. The difference comes from the fact that they offer roughly the same effect on your body when it comes to building muscle as their legal anabolic steroid equivalent, but this time they merely encourage your body to do the legwork.

Steroids “force” your body to do something, like help you increase your muscle mass and get more out of your exercise regimen. A natural supplement, on the other hand, has certain natural ingredients that bring out the same effects as certain steroid brands but this time, like food, it encourages your body to produce certain chemicals and hormones like HGH or testosterone.

They can also enhance protein synthesis and increase your strength along with your muscle mass. The effects aren’t on the same extend as prescription steroids though. Because it only influences your body to give you anabolic steroid results rather than force it, there are fewer side effects for you to worry about, like roid rage, acne, gynecomastia, and a rise in blood sugar levels.

The ingredients mimic the same muscle-building processes steroids offer without being steroids. This is why there’s a lack of side effects in exchange for the reduced effectiveness. The main selling points of Crazy-Bulks.com supplement-based steroid alternatives are that they’re safer and come with fewer adverse effects as anabolic steroids. For example, D-Bal won’t give you the exact same results as Dianabol but when push comes to shove, it’s the safer substitute and you won’t be disappointed. Trust me, we have tried their stacks and other individual products separately and Crazy Bulk Results were just insane.



Crazy Bulk claims to be a legitimate company selling the best legal steroids on the market. However, a lot of their competition can make the same claim on their site just as easily since talk is cheap and claims are only worthwhile if they could be backed up by results. It can help you gain muscle or cut weight to reveal muscle with an all-star lineup of natural and legal steroid supplement alternatives.

From my personal experience as a bodybuilder, I depend on their products to maximize the best possible defined sculptured look or even huge bulky look by the type of product of theirs I choose. The thing that I like the most is that results can be varied depending on the combination of products you choose to use from them.